Blue House Woodland Burials provide a completely natural way to be buried. This means that (as far as possible) nothing artificial is put into or onto the ground, which helps to preserve the landscape and ecology. Trees and native wildflowers are planted on and around the graves, so that the burial ground serves as a living memory to those buried there.

We offer an ethical, affordable and personal service which will fulfil your needs at this difficult time. We’re less than 10 miles from Hartlepool, near the stunning Hurworth Burn Reservoir.


Nestled between Teesside and County Durham, the burial site surrounded by farmland, the Hurworth Burn Resevoir and Castle Eden Walkway.

The Land has been converted from arable land to part of the ‘Tees Forest’, and this broadleaf wood was designed to encourage public use. A 20m grass ‘ride’ divides the site and provides generous access to other areas of the farm woodland. A 5m grass track surrounds the site. Glimpses of the Cleveland Hills can be seen looking South.


The area is a 25 acre plot and has been extensively surveyed for its suitability and environmental impact.

The young woodland consists of oak trees planted alternately with birch, pine, cherry and larch as nurse species. Thinning of these trees will take place as part of good forestry practice, but no healthy trees will be felled to accommodate burials.

Burials take place in open glades within the woodland and can be accessed by grass tracks which are kept mown. The graves are dug by hand or mini excavator at a depth of 4ft 3ins spaced 2m from any tree stem and 1m from neighbouring graves.

Funeral directors oversee the service. All burials are mapped and logged in detail. Once each area has been filled the area will revert to woodland, but the paths will be maintained. In the event of any future sale of the woodland, the land will be kept in trust to guarantee the site in perpetuity.


Single plot £900.00
Double plot £1800.00
Ashes Plot £400.00
Each burial £400.00
Each ashes burial £100.00
Coffins and Memorials £POA
Coffins and Memorials £POA
Oak tree adopted (recommended) £150.00
Coffins of width more than 27 inches extra £50.
All coffins must be bio-degradable.
All prices include VAT where applicable.
Price changes apply if the burial takesplace on Saturday or Sunday.


Blue House Farm is a 180 acre farm, situated on the Elwick – Trimdon road 10 minutes out of Hartlepool, 15 minutes from Middlesbrough and 20 minutes from Sunderland. 


If you would like more information or to book please contact John Thompson on the following:

M: 0793 204 9107
E: info@bluehousewoodlandburials.co.uk

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Blue House Woodland Burials, Hartmoor Farm, Hart Village, Cleveland, TS27 3BQ

Such a peaceful place to remember my loved ones.